The name ThistleDew came from my parents.
They owned a boat when I was young and that is the name they gave it.
"Thistle" (sounds like) This will....and "Dew" (sounds like) Do. Hence...This will do!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Full Steam Ahead!.. :)...and the winner that wasn't .. :(

You know me and a good "Give Away".. :) Lisa at Polka Dot CottLinkage had a recent give away. It was for a copy of "Perfectly Paired: Designing Jewelry with Polymer and Metal Clays" Patricia Kimle.....<-boy that is a mouthful!! Of course I didn't win... :( But I did just pre-ordered a copy... The past year has been a rough one, but I managed to survive it with a whole new since of what I am made of....and what my priorities are...I am busy in my feels so natural...I did over the past year create some nice pieces of which I will post in the next several days to share with you...and hubs and I totally remodeled our bathroom...*and I mean totally down to the studs....I have those pictures to share too...*only because I made a couple of things out of polymer clay for it!.... I love you Steve! back to the new book....It comes out the first of April and I am ready to venture out into the world of PMC...So stay tuned folks....I plan on making this blog thing a regular!...Blessings~Melanie

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