The name ThistleDew came from my parents.
They owned a boat when I was young and that is the name they gave it.
"Thistle" (sounds like) This will....and "Dew" (sounds like) Do. Hence...This will do!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

From "Fat Quarters" to "Jelly Rolls"

Aren't these fabrics beautiful?.... I found them on Ebay...and that's when the "Jelly Roll" hit me smack dab in the face!!
Along with the "Fat Quarters" came a "Jelly Roll".... What?

I guess you are never too old to learn something new... :) ...I do have my first hand bag completed...Yeah for me!!...all it is lacking is a polymer clay button...I have three of the colors pretty close to what I want... real world things are keeping me from the fun...*(like canning 14 quarts of green beans)....yum...I made the "Flea Market" bag in the colors on the right laying on my sewing machine *(in the previous post)...the red/green plaid and the floral that is underneath of it...more on that later...I can't wait to post the pictures of it...the whole process from cutting it out to the top stitching felt so good!

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